Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stapleton Kearns on Composition

Master landscape painter, Stapleton Kearns, has started a list of poor compositional choices he has titled "The Encyclopedia of Dumb Design Ideas." They chronical the misadventures of a fictional artist, Dirk Van Assaerts, and his many flawed sketches in oil. These flaws offer beginners a list of things to watch out for, focusing primarily on the aesthetics, or lack thereof, of certain shapes, and how they draw or shift our attention. You can surmise from this list, many years of frustration and even agony as an art teacher.

Road to Nowhere:
One for Each Eye:
Foreground Dillema:
The Three Striper:
The Potato 1:
The Potato 2:
Beaks 1:
Beaks 2:
Beaks 3:
Beaks 4:

Expect updates, as Stapleton Kearns adds to his blog.

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